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Installation and licenses

I have bought the Windfinder Pro App for iOS and now/recently I reset my iPhone/iPad or I have bought a new iPhone/iPad. How can I install the Windfinder Pro App on my device without paying again?

You can download the Windfinder Pro App for iOS on all devices where the iTunes account that you used initially to buy the app is active. Just go to the App Store, search for Windfinder Pro and install it. You cannot transfer a license from iOS to Android or vice versa.

I purchased the Pro version for Android. Is it possible to transfer the Pro app from iOS to Android or vice versa?

No, the Windfinder App for iOS and Android are separate apps. The Windfinder apps for iOS and Android are developed and maintained separately for each platform. It is technically not possible to transfer a license for the Windfinder Pro app from one platform to the other. If you have a Windfinder Pro app and you switch from iOS to Android or vice versa you will need to purchase the Pro version in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

What is the difference between the paid version and the free version?

The free version is ad-supported, the Pro version does not contain any ads. The Pro version also features the Superforecast, our high resolution weather forecast model and forecast maps. Find more information about our weather forecast models here. Future new features might only be available in the Pro version.
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