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Never miss a windy day

Wind forecasts and weather forecasts for every occasion


Our standard wind and weather forecast is available globally in increments of 3 hours with a range of 10 days into the future.


Based on improved physical and topographical models, our Superforecast offers significantly higher horizontal resolution at hourly intervals.

Animated weather maps

Get the high-level overview with advanced maps

Forecast maps give you a better picture of the general weather situation. With a choice of either animated or static displays for wind conditions and other parameters, you'll always get a the best idea about how the weather is developing.

Live measurements

20400 weather stations from all over the world

The current wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air pressure and other values at these sites can be viewed in real time.

Reviews from the app stores

Best wind forecasts app I have been able to find. Nothing is perfect but this one might be the best.
— Alexander R.
Pro is Accurate for where I live (Isle of Wight UK) colour changing widget on my home screen is great for checking if wind is right for surfing, windsurfing - like how you can choose a location for the widget and it shows the current wind if it has data, forecast if it doesn't. I Use every day. Worth getting the pro
— Dan J.
Fabulous! I love the animated wind map. Easy setup of favorites and quick downloads. Well worth the small fee. We use it to help make decisions on long distance bike rides.
— Davis K.

Because simpler is better

Not an embedded website, but a real native app

Easy on your mobile data plan

Data usage in our apps is highly optimized. Weather data will load instantly while having minimal impact on any data-capped phone plan.

Easy on your devices' battery life

Our apps are optimized for speed and performance, reducing the impact on your battery life.

Fast, native UI that is easy to use

We're developing our apps separately and in accordance with the standards of iOS and Android. That way, you'll always get the best experience.

Android Home Screen Widgets

Front row placements for your favorite forecasts

Add widgets for forecast and current conditons to your home screen. Whether it's just one widget or one for every one of your favorite spots: you'll always know what's going on.

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Windfinder Pro & Free

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Worldwide 10 day forecasts for 40000 locations /
Real time wind observations from 20400 weather stations /
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Animated wind forecast maps
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Superforecast: our high resolution hourly weather prediction model for Europe, North America, South Africa, Egypt and the Canary Islands
Windpreview: 10 day wind forecast at a glance
Home screen widgets (Android)
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