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Weather maps

Are there forecast maps?

In addition to our spot forecasts we also have forecast maps for both Forecast and Superforecast. There is also a animation for every forecast map. Forecast maps give you a better picture of the general weather situation. There you can clearly see whether you are in the middle of a big wind field or if your local spot is barely touched by the wind field.
Forecast maps for Forecast
Forecast maps for Superforecast

My browser always says you would like to get my position. Why do you need this?

Your browser can inform us about your approximate position. We use this data to center the maps over your position. The data is not stored by us or used for any other features of the website. Have a look at the Firefox Geolocation description page (other browsers work similar).

How should I interpret the wind direction arrows?

The arrows are aligned with the wind stream direction. Example: a northerly wind (e.g. a wind that is coming from the north, blowing to the south) is indicated with an arrow pointing downward.

I find the animated forecast map difficult to read.

You can switch between animated forecast map and solid color map by activating "Gradient" or "Edges" mode.

Can I navigate the map with my keyboard?

For faster navigation you can also use our keyboard shortcuts while navigating on the map. Here is a list of our supported commands:
  • ← , →: Forecast time navigation
  • ↑ , ↓: Cycle through weather layers
  • + , -: Zoom in and out
  • 1, 2, 3...: Direct selection of weather layer
  • M: Switch between weather forecast models
  • G: Switch between map display styles
  • U: Cycle through available units
  • S: Activate search mode
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