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Weather statistics

How do you generate your wind statistics?

The wind statistics are generated from wind speed measurements at our weather stations. These are based on real measurements, not only forecasts. We only use the measurements from the daytime hours to compute the statistics. The statistics are refreshed at the beginning of each month.

The wind and weather statistics for a certain location are false or inaccurate.

As the wind statistics are generated based on real wind speed measurements, the main factor in the wind statistics accuracy is the location and setup of the weather station itself. For example it may be placed in a wind shadow area for some directions which will affect the wind readings. If you want to report such a weather station or if you know another local weather station that gives better results, don't hesitate to contact us via email to

What do the wind rose plots mean?

The wind direction distribution shows the percentage with which the wind blows from certain directions.

What does "Wind probability >= 4 Beaufort (%)" mean?

The percentage indicates the number of observations over 4 Beaufort in relation to the number of all observations. For example if there were 1000 observations in one month and 450 of these observed a wind speed of 4 Beaufort or more then the wind probability for that month is 45%.
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