3 steps to set up your campaign

1. Prepare banner

Please send us 1 or more banner(s).

The following formats are accepted:

  • Image (JPEG, PNG, GIF)

In your own interest please respect the following file size limits. The smaller the file size the faster the banner loads and the more likely that people will click on it!

Ad format Dimensions (px) Maximum file size
Skyscraper, Leaderboard, Rectangle 120x600, 728x90, 336x280 35 kbyte
Wide Skyscraper 160x600 40 kbyte
Mobile Leaderboard 320x50 20 kbyte

1a. Professional banner design

Do you need professional support for the design of your banner?

2. Send banner

Please send your banner(s) to advertising@windfinder.com. We will then set up your banner campaign according to your whishes (volume, placement, targeting, etc.).

3. Banner campaign tracking

You will receive an invitation from Google Ad Manager/Doubleclick in order to track the number of delivered ad impressions, clicks and click rate.


Where can I check how often my banner was clicked?

(If you do not already have an account) we have sent you an invitation from Google Ad Manager/Doubleclick for Publishers at the start of your campaign: Log into your account. You can track progress, clicks and click rate.

I forgot the password for my Google DFP Account?

Select here the option "Forgot password" and enter the e-mail address under which you have received the initial invitation.

What is an ad impression?

Definition: Ad-Impression

What is a click-through-rate (CTR)?

Definition: Click-Through-Rate

Why do I never see my own banners?

The display frequency depends mainly on the campaign duration, the amount of ad impressions and the placement/targeting options. If you do not see my banner it does not mean that it is not visible. You are either looking at the non targeted pages or the frequency rate is very low. For example, if your order includes 50,000 ad impressions for one month on certain pages of the Windfinder site and the overall impressions of those pages are 5,000,0000 in total then the frequency of your campaign is very low. But we guarantee that 50,000 ad impressions will be delivered.

You can increase the banner frequency by ...:

  • increasing the number of ad impressions
  • reducing the time period of your campaign (e.g. 50,000 ad impressions in 2 weeks instead of 4)
  • placing the banner only on certain pages of the Windfinder domain (for better targeting)
  • using additional options like Geo Targeting or Frequency Capping

You'll find more information about fine tuning in the media kit in the chapter "Campaign planning".

You can check in your Doubleclick for Publishers account in real time how many times your banner has been displayed so far.