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Tide calendars / prediction Birch Bay State Park

Birch Bay State Park

These tide predictions were computed at the nearest tide location for Birch Bay State Park (Cherry Point, Strait of Georgia, Washington, 4.87km S) and may not necessarily meet the tide conditions at Birch Bay State Park.
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Monday, Dec 22
Time Type Water level
06:32 3.07 m
11:34 2.12 m
15:49 2.66 m
23:25 -0.71 m
Tuesday, Dec 23
Time Type Water level
07:10 3.15 m
12:26 2.03 m
16:41 2.59 m

Wednesday, Dec 24
Time Type Water level
00:07 -0.66 m
07:48 3.20 m
13:21 1.88 m
17:37 2.46 m
Thursday, Dec 25
Time Type Water level
00:51 -0.50 m
08:26 3.21 m
14:19 1.67 m
18:41 2.27 m

Friday, Dec 26
Time Type Water level
01:36 -0.22 m
09:04 3.20 m
15:20 1.41 m
19:55 2.06 m
Saturday, Dec 27
Time Type Water level
02:22 0.16 m
09:42 3.17 m
16:24 1.11 m
21:24 1.87 m

Sunday, Dec 28
Time Type Water level
03:12 0.61 m
10:21 3.11 m
17:27 0.77 m
23:08 1.81 m
Monday, Dec 29
Time Type Water level
04:08 1.08 m
11:00 3.05 m
18:26 0.43 m


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