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SMS sailing / marine weather - FAQ

How do I switch on the caller line identification of my cell phone?

  • Nokia: Menu>Settings>Call settings>Send my caller ID>Yes
  • Siemens: Menu>Settings>Calling>Incognito>Off
  • Motorola/Ericsson: Ask your mobile operator to switch on your caller line identification (CLIP) permanently.
  • Samsung: Menu>Settings>CUG>Deactivate (Cell phones ex works caller line identification preset)

If you have got a cell phone of a different manufacturer please study the instructions of your phone. In many cases activating the caller line identification is easy to find. In case you have problems with activating the caller line identification, simply dial 31# (e.g. 31#+49695899761861 for Adriatic Sea North East) first, Star (*) 31, pound (#) causes your phone no. to be transmitted for this particular call no matter what's the default.

Sailing weather via SMS - How does it work?

  • Call +49 69 5899761 + area extension of the selected shipping area.
  • Wait for ring tone & hang up
  • Receive weather SMS (a few seconds later)

Take care that the caller line identification of your cell phone is on. The system can only send you the SMS if it identifis the caller's phone number. Your call is free of charge since no connection is established.

How can I stop the automatic gale warning?

Log into your online account and remove the check mark in the check box under "Personal settings concerning gale warning" at "Automatic gale warning status. Then click on "Send".

The automatic gale warning is completely independent from the callback procedure. In the callback procedure you get an SMS only if you ask for an SMS by phone.

I get the gale warning also at night while sleeping. Can I set the gale warning so that I get it by day only?

Yes, log into your online account ein und entfernen Sie unter "Persönliche Einstellungen zur Sturmwarnung" das Häkchen bei "Automatische Sturmwarnung auch nachts". Klicken Sie dann auf "Abschicken".

I called +49 69 58997617 + area extension, made the phone ring once, but did not get an SMS. Why did it not work?

The system can send you an SMS only if it can identify your phone number. Therefore switch on the caller line identification of your cell phone. If this does not work, it may be that you are staying in an area without network coverage. If you are in a foreign country, please read "Can I receive sailing weather-SMS also in foreign countries?"


How much is a phone call at Windfinder?
Callback SMS is cost free. If you call +49 69 58997617 + area extension there is no voice connection. The system just identifies your phone number and sends you an SMS.

How much does the SMS service cost?
Make a test of the SMS service free of charge and any obligation and study our price list before you subscribe.

How much does receiving sailing weather SMS cost in foreign countries?
It depends on the cellphone company in whose net you are logged in.The so called roaming fees for receiving SMS in a foreign country are about 10 to 30 Eurocents. Some cellphone companies do not charge any roaming fees for receiving SMS in foreign countries. In case there are roaming fees you will find them on your phone bill. Windfinder has no influence on these roaming fees and does not profit from them.

Contents of the SMS

The sailing weather SMS contain the following parameters: predicted temperature, rain, cloud formation, wave height, measured and predicted strength of the wind and direction. The forecasts are created for a coordinate which is about in the middle of the sailing weather area. The current wind observations are given by a weather station which is situated in the respective shipping area. Check the shipping area overview to see which weather station belongs to which shipping area.

Can I receive sailing weather-SMS also in foreign countries?

You can receive sailing weather SMS in foreign countries, too. Remember to dial first the area code of Germany +49 respectively 0049. But there are some foreign networks who do not transmit your phone number to Germany if you dial a German phone number, although the caller line identification is switched on. In this case our system cannot identify your phone number and you do not get an SMS. If it does not work, select another mobile network and try it once again. Look in our list of mobile networks with which networks it works.

How do I select another network?

  • Nokia cellphones: Menu > Phone Settings > Operator Settings > Manual
  • Siemens cellphones: Menu > Settings > Manual
  • Trium cellphones: Menu > Settings > Settings > GSM services > Net > Manual

Choose another net and try it once again.. If you use a different cell phone please see the operating instructions of your phone. In many cases the network selection is easy to find.

You can also decide to have the sea weather report sent to you automatically 2 times a day (at 8 and 20 o'clock UTC)(push service). Log into your online account and switch on the push service.

For receiving SMS in foreign countries your cell phone provider charges a roaming fee, which is between 0 and 30 Eurocents.

My cellphone number has changed. What must I do in order to keep up using the sailing weather service?

Please send a mail to and let us know your new and old cell phone number and your password. We send you a mail as soon as the change has been registered. You can then receive sailing weather SMS with your new cellphone number.

How do I reorder if my credit is zero?

If you want to recharge by bank transfer, please transfer the relevant sum to our bank account (The bank code and the IBAN Number are needed for transfers from foreign countries).

  • Account holder: Windfinder
  • Account number: 821028800
  • Bank code number: 200 700 24 (Deutsche Bank Hamburg)
  • Purpose: <Your cellphone number>
  • Bankcode: DEUTDEDBHAM
  • IBAN No.: DE89200700240821028800

The sum transfered is credited as soon as we receie it.

If you want to load your bank account by direct debit/automatic debit transfer, log into your online account , click on "Check / Recharge credits" and then recharge according to the instructions given there.

How is the network coverage on sea? Can I use the sailing weather SMS there, too?

As a rule of thumb one can say that the network coverage reaches out into the sea up to 10 to 12 seamiles. Precise information about thenet coverage is given by GSM World. As long as your cell phone has network, you can call up sailing weather SMS.