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  • What is the Forecast?
    The Forecast is based on the GFS-model of the American Weather Service NOAA. Forecasts are available for every location worldwide. The horizontal resolution is about 13km. Forecasts are created four times a day, at about 5, 11, 17 and 23 o'clock UTC.
  • What is the Superforecast?
    The Superforecast for Europe is based on the newest versions of regional weather prediction models. At the moment the Superforecast is available for Europe in a horizontal resolution of 12 kilometers in hourly timesteps. The forecasts are generated four times a day, at about 4, 10, 16 and 22 o'clock UTC. There is no time delay, all values are presented as they become available from our computers. The Superforecast for Northern America covers North America with a horizontal resolution of 12 kilometers in hourly timesteps. Forecasts are generated at about 3.30, 9.30, 15.30 and 21.30 o'clock UTC:
    The Superforecast for Egypt uses a 7km resolution in hourly timesteps. The forecast are updated at about 4, 10, 16 and 22 o'clock UTC.
  • Why are the forecasts sometimes inaccurate?Forecast Superforecast
    We always want to present you the best forecasts. Unfortunately, the forecasts for some spots and some wind directions are not as good as we want them to be. There are local effects and thermal influences at these spots, which are very hard to predict. If you surf for many years at your local spot you may know these peculiarities. But we are already working on this problem.
    It is also possible that the general weather situation is very unstable, so that all numerical weather prediction models have problems forecasting the development of the weather situation. The path of pressure systems (high / low pressure) is crucial for the wind conditions. The computation of this path can be wrong if there are unstable weather situations.
    Further the forecast quality declines with longer forecast horizons (e.g. 3 days or longer). This is a general problem with weather prediction models.
  • Why are there different values for Forecast and Superforecast?
    Forecast and Superforecast are based on different physical models. These models may predict the weather dynamics in different ways which results in different wind forecasts. Different values are a sign for the stability of the general weather situation.
  • Which one is better, Forecast or Superforecast?
    Because of the better horizontal resolution, a more advanced physical model and a more detailed terrain model the Superforecast should be preferred. In addition, all predicted values are available in hourly timesteps.
    In general, you have to look for your local spot which forecast model works better for you. For some spots this will be the Superforecast, for others this may also be the Forecast.
  • How do you compute wind gust?Forecast Superforecast
    The wind gusts are computed by our forecast models. The forecasted values correspond to the maximum wind gusts at the given time.
  • How do you compute air pressure?Forecast Superforecast
    The air pressure is measured at the elevation of the weather station. The forecasted air pressure is calculated for the elevation of the location.
  • How should I interpret the wind direction arrows?Forecast Superforecast
    The arrows are aligned with the wind stream direction. Example: a northerly wind (e.g. a wind that is coming from the north, blowing to the south) is indicated with an arrow pointing downward.
  • Are there forecast maps?Forecast Superforecast
    In addition to our spot forecasts we also have forecast maps for both Forecast and Superforecast. There is also a animation for every forecast map. Forecast maps give you a better picture of the general weather situation. There you can clearly see whether you are in the middle of a big wind field or if your local spot is barely touched by the wind field.
    Forecast maps for Forecast
    Forecast maps for Superforecast
  • What are the wave forecasts?Forecast Wave
    The wave forecasts are computed with the global wave forecast model WW3 run by the American Weather Service NOAA. The forecasted wave values only give an esitimation about the expected waves. Local conditions at the beaches can modify these values.
  • How can I give feedback?Forecast
    We are always interested in your experiences with our forecasts for your local spot. If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions, don't hesitate to send a mail to info -- at --
  • Are the timestamps in local or UTC time?Forecast Superforecast
    All date and time values are in local time of the weather station.
  • Do you archive forecasts?Forecast Superforecast
    We do not archive raw forecast data, we only archive measurements from our weather stations. If you want to receive past weather data, have a look at our historical weather data request page.
  • The forecasts do not update!Forecast Superforecast
    If the weather data does not update please click on the "Reload" button of your browser. If that does not help press and hold the "shift" key on your keyboard and click on the "Reload" button of your browser. You can also try to clear the browser cache.



  • How do you generate your wind statistics?
    The wind statistics are generated from wind speed measurements at our weather stations. These are based on real measurements, not only forecasts. We only use the measurements from the daytime hours to compute the statistics. The statistics are refreshed at the beginning of each month.
  • I live near a place where you have statistics for, and your statistics are way off!
    As the wind statistics are generated based on real wind speed measurements, the main factor in the wind statistics accuracy is the location and setup of the weather station itself. For example it may be placed in a wind shadow area for some directions which will affect the wind readings. If you want to report such a weather station or if you know another local weather station that gives better results, don't hesitate to contact us via email to
  • What do the wind rose plots mean?Statistics
    The wind direction distribution shows the percentage with which the wind blows from certain directions.



Recent spots

  • What are my "recent spots?" How do you know this?
    Every time you visit a spot forecast or report, we store this information in a cookie. This cookie is only available on your browser, and we only use this information to show you your most recently visited spots.
  • Why should I use "recent spots"?
    A lot of users told us they keep watching forecasts for several locations. With the "recent spots" menu, there is an easy and fast way to jump back and forth between these recently used spots. Think of it as a kind of "smart bookmark".


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