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I have installed the weather station and webcam but I don’t see any weather data?

If you still do not see any data then open the battery compartment on the underside of the Vantage Vue sensor suite. Make sure that the battery is placed properly (with plus and minus pole) in the battery compartment. To verify power, wait 30 seconds then push and release the white transmitter ID push button next to the battery compartment. The green transmitter ID LED next to the battery compartment will illuminate when you press the push button. Note: Press the push button once and release it. Do not press it multiple times or hold it down.
Open a browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera and type into the address bar: Login with your user name and password. The default user name is meteobridge and the default password is meteobridge. Go to the tab tab Live data. Check if live data is displayed. If there is no live data then please unplug the electricity (USB) cable from the Meteobridge and plug it in again. Wait 45 seconds and repeat this step again until you see the live data.
In the same tab "Live data" there is a box "Weather network status". If it says "Windfinder: success" then the weather data is uploaded to Windfinder. If there is an error you need to check your internet connection.

I cannot find the weather data from my weather station on the Windfinder page. How do I find it?

Open a web browser and type into the address bar. Log into the Meteobridge with your user name and password. The default user name is meteobridge and the default password is meteobridge. Go to the tab "Weather Network". In the box "Windfinder" copy the text from the field user name (for example: tarifa) and add it to the following string:{user name} (in the example:
If this gives an error message wait until the next day and try again. Note: This will only work if the upload from your weather station works (see above).

The weather data from the sensor suite is transmitted to the weather station by radio signal. What is the maximum distance between the sensor suite and the Meteostick/Meteobridge?

The maximum reach of the radio signal is 100 meters. If you need to cover a greater distance then you need to buy a weather station like the Vantage Vue with the console unit.. The console covers about 300 meters distance for the radio signal and you also get a display unit. With the display unit you can show/monitor the weather data on site. However the console is also more expensive.

The weather station is connected to electricity and the internet but I have problems configuring the weather station and uploading data. What can I do?

Please log into the Meteobridge at Enter your user name and password, go to the tab "System". In the section "Security" at "Internet login" please check "Allow login from the Internet via this URL". After checking the check box click "Save and apply" on the bottom and e-mail us the link at "This URL". We can then log into the Meteobridge and configure your weather station.

How can I get free advertising at Windfinder?

As soon as your weather station is connected to Windfinder you can get free advertising on Windfinder. Please follow the instructions on our advertising FAQ page and send us a banner. We will publish the banner on the weather pages of your location on the Windfinder website.

How can I upload the weather data and webcam image to my own website?

As soon as your weather station (purchased at our partner Weerhuisje) is connected to electricity and your internet access the data will be uploaded automatically to Windfinder. After installation you should receive an e-mail from Windfinder with a short explanation how to embed the weather data into your site. If you have not received this e-mail please go to our Homepageweather configuration page and search for your weather station on the map. Once you have found your weather station click "Configure homepage widget" and follow the instructions.

I want to upload the weather directly to my own website via FTP or HTTP. What can I do?

Please log into your Meteobridge at and go to the tab "Push Services". Follow the instructions on the Meteobridge website to configure your push service.

The webcam is connected to the internet router with a network cable (LAN) and Power over Ethernet (which means you need only one cable for the data transfer and electricity). Is it possible to connect the webcam (Aircam, Unifi Camera or Unifi Pro camera) via WiFi (wireless LAN)?

Yes, you will need the Ubiquiti airGateway.