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SMS sailing / marine weather

Up to 50 % cheaper than comparable other services. Test the SMS sailing weather now (3 SMS at most) free of charge and without any obligations.

Click map for all shipping areas

Click map to see all shipping areas!

Hint: Make sure that the caller line identification of your cellphone is switched on. The free test (3 SMS at most) is possible once per cellphone. If it does not work right away, dial *31#+49 69 5899761 + area extension . If dialing from a foreign country check our FAQ.

Attention: At the moment there is official support for SMS sailing weather only for Austrian, Swiss & German customers. If you live in a different country and you have tested SMS sailing weather sucessfully you can subscribe as well. But there is no guarantee that it will always work! Further, the SMS forecast is only available in German at the moment.

The Windfinder sailing weather offers you:

  • Forecast for the next 36 hours with wind, weather, wave height and temperature
  • Optional SMS gale warning for your safety
  • Updates of current weather hourly and of forecasts 4 times per day
  • Forecasts for 133 sailing areas in Europe, Canary Isles and Caribbean
  • Individual configuration of windforce unit, of period of time, of push service and gale warning

Subscribe to our weather service after the free test. Choose from 3 super offers and make use of the Windfinder price advantage. Use the sailing weather by callback-SMS and/or make it be sent to you for a sailing area of your choice two times daily automatically (Pull service).

  • 30 sailing weather-SMS for € 12.90*
  • 100 sailing weather-SMS for € 34.00*
  • Flatrate for € 6.50* per month

The prices are up to 50% below those of other SMS services. In foreign countries there might be extra roaming fees. The offer of 30 & 100 SMS is valid for 12 months. If you place a repeat order before the 12 months are over the remaining credit is also prolonged by 12 months.

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Contents of the SMS sailing weather: Pull service & automatic push-service

marine weather SMS

Indication of the sailing area . Forecasts for 2 days for 12 o'clock UTC, respectively 13 o'clock CET for:

  • Air temperature in centigrade scale (up to two days forecast horizon)
  • clouds and precipitation (up to one day forecast horizon)
  • wave height in metres (up to one day forecast horizon)
  • Wind forecast in 6-hourly steps (wind direction and wind speed)

  • Unit of wind speed is configurable (default = Beaufort)
  • The times (h) are always indicated in the local time of the shipping area, no matter where you are.
  • The first indicated wind value is the current value of a measurement station within the sailing area (Most of the stations measure hourly)
  • 36 hour forecast for wind speed & wind direction. Each short message contains forecasts for +6, +12, +18, +24, +30 und +36 hours
  • Update of forecasts 4 times daily at aorund 1, 6, 12, 18 o'clock UTC

The extra of security - automatic storm warning

gale warning SMS

Choose a sailing area and a windlimit in your personal settings . You will then get a gale warning by SMS automatically if the 24-hour forecast exceeds the wind limit (at leat 6 Beaufort) chosen by you or a storm (thunderstrom, hail storm, fog, etc.) draws near.

The gale warning contains the wind forecast for all the times of forecast within the 24-hour forecast, for which a gale warning has been announced, and a wave forecast for 12 o'clock of the day in question.

Any questions still? See answers to frequently asked questions.