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Thank you for your interest to share your weather data with Windfinder. Join the largest network for wind- and & water sports related weather stations with more than 20400 weather stations already reporting to Windfinder.

Please only submit your weather station if located at or near the coast, a mountain, or lake where one of the following sports can be performed: kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, surfing, landboarding, buggykiting, boating, paragliding, snowkiting. Please submit your weather station only if wind direction and wind speed are measured accurately.

Which weather station model do you own?

I already own one of the following weather station software:
  • Meteohub
  • Meteobridge
  • Ambient Airbridge
  • Ambient WeatherBridge
  • Awekas Bridge
  • weatherBoxx
  • Meteoplug
Use Meteobridge
I use another software to upload data from my weather station, for example:
  • WeatherDisplay
  • HeavyWeather
  • WeatherLink
  • ...and others
Use other

I don't have a weather station and webcam yet.

I am interested in installing a plug and play weather station and uploading the weather data to Windfinder.

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