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Installation and setup

I have a weather station and would like to share my live observations with Windfinder.

You are welcome to share your weather observations with Windfinder at:

I would like to install a weather station and/or webcam at my location.

We offer a plug-and-play weather station and webcam system at:

I would like the snapshot from a certain webcam to appear on Windfinder.

Please submit the webcam at our partner website After validation the snapshot of the webcam will appear on Windfinder automatically.

What do I need in order to install a weather station and webcam?

You need a mast or pole to install the sensors and electricity and internet access to upload the data to the internet. Please make sure that the sensors of the weather station are installed in a location where the wind can blow freely so that you get accurate wind readings. We recommend that you use a mast or pole (at least 2 meters long) and attach it on top of a roof. I might be useful to make test measurements at the planned installation site to see if the wind readings from the weather station will be accurate.

Where can I see a sample webcam image and a sample video stream of the Aircam?

Alignment/orientation of weather station sensor suite?

When the weather station is installed in the Northern hemisphere you need to make sure that the solar panel on the sensor suite is oriented towards the south (180°). If you are in the southern hemisphere you need to align the solar panel on the sensor suite northwards. In the latter case you need to log into the Meteobridge at, go the tab "Select station" and enter the value 180 in the field "wind direction" and and click "Save".

What can I do if I cannot get fixed line internet access?

If you don't have fixed line internet access you can buy a UMTS router, a SIM card and a cellphone network provider. The weather station and webcam are simply connected to the UMTS router the same way as you would connect them to a DSL router.

I already have a weather station. How can I upload my weather data to Windfinder?

We recommend that you simply purchase the upload mini computer Meteobridge. The Meteobridge allows easy automatic weather upload to Windfinder. You don't need a PC anymore to upload your data to Windfinder. Before getting the Meteobridge check your weather station for compatibility.
If you don’t want to purchase a Meteobridge then please submit your weather station information to us. We will then send you instructions for uploading your data.

I want my webcam to appear on the Windfinder website. What can I do?

Please go to our partner website and submit your webcam. The webcam image will appear a few days later on Windfinder.

I want to show the live data on the installation site. What can I do?

If you want to show the live data to the people at the installation site you will need the Davis console.

The Meteobridge is too far away from the internet router to connect it via network cable. What can I do?

In this case you can connect your Meteobridge to the router via WiFi (wireless LAN). Please log into the Meteobridge at Enter your user name and password, go to the tab "Setup Network" and follow the instructions on the Meteobridge page.

I want to have a live stream of the webcam on my website. How does that work?

The Ubiquiti Aircam and the Unifi and Unifi Pro can generate a live stream (live video). We have set up a guide on how to put this live stream onto your website, but we do not provide any support for this.

I already have a weather station and a Meteobridge. Can I add a webcam?

Yes, you can purchase a webcam compatible with the Meteobridge like the Ubiquiti Aircam, the Ubiquiti Unifi or the Ubiquiti Unifi Pro. Simply connect the camera to your router and follow the instructions in the installation manual in the chapter "Webcam".

I don’t have electric power at the installation site. Is there any solution?

The weather station itself is powered by a solar panel and it transmits its weather data to the Meteostick and Meteobridge over a distance of up to 100 meters. The Meteostick, Meteobridge and the webcam need electric power. We are currently working on a solar panel solution. Please stay tuned!
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