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Windfox wind & weather extension for Firefox (Add-on)

What is Windfox?

Windfox view with mouse over

Windfox is an extension that displays current weather data and forecast values as well (wind speed, wind direction and air temperature) of your favorite surfspot in your Firefox browser. The extension checks for new observations every 15 minutes. So in order for the extension to be useful you should be permanently online. Another great feature is the wind alarm. Here you can configure a threshold for wind speed (range or static value) and wind direction (also range or certain direction). When these thresholds are exceeded Windfox alerts you with a flashing symbol in the statusbar of you browser. You can also use the extension to switch to the corresponding wind report, forecast, superforecast and statistic on the Windfinder web site. Windfox has been tested with Firefox > 3.0 . If you do not have Firefox yet get first!

Windfox normal view


Open Windfox ( and download the extension with your Firefox browser and follow the instructions on screen.

Windfox Install Windfox (135 kb)


To configure Windfox to display your favorite surfspot rightclick the extension, then select "Options". An options windows appears. In the tab "Weather station" click "Change your weather station". The select the continent, country, region and the weather station that you want to monitor. Then click "OK" to save the changes.

Data / station missing

If Windfox used to show wind but now reports "no weather data" for your surfspot then the weather station is out of order. In this case please inform

If Windfox continues to report "no weather data" for your surfspot then Windfinder only has a forecast for this spot but no access to a local weather station that reports wind & weather. If you know someone who has a local weather station near the surfspot then please contact us . or if you want to setup your own weather station please read our weather station howto . If you or a 3rd party provides the real time data to Windfinder we offer a free ad banner on our website.

If your favorite surfspot is missing (not in the list) please send an e-mail to and let us know the name and location of your surfspot.


Windfinder develops, enhances and adds new features of Windfox. If you want to get the latest release of Windfox then open your firefox browser and click "Tools" in the menu bar and then "Extensions". All installed extensions are displayed in a new window. Click "Find updates". Firefox checks for new updates. If there is a new version of Firefox it is indicated in the window and you just need to confirm the update.

Switch on/off

Let's say its Winter time and too cold for windsurfing, kitesurfing or sailing and you just don't want to see the wind report every time you use browse the internet. Then simply switch it off: In firefox click > Tools > Extensions. Then right click on Windfox in the extension window and choose "Disable". A text appears "Windfox will be disabled when Firefox is restarted". If you want to enable Windfox later rightclick Windfox in the extension window and choose "Enable" and restart the browser.


At the moment the Windfox is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. Windfox automatically uses your browser's default language.