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Wind, wave & weather widget/gadget for Vista, MacOS and Google Desktop

What is it?

Widget on Mac

The Windfinder widget / gadget is a small program, which displays wind, waves and weather from your favorite surfspot as observations and forecast on your computer desktop. The widget/gadget frequently loads the observations and forecasts from You can select your favorite surfspot, a maximum of 3 weather parameters (e.g. wind speed, wind direction, air temperature), and the units of measure (Beaufort, Knots, kph, mph, Meter, feet, Celsius, Fahrenheit) for the display. Additionally you can set a threshold for wind speed, wave height, wave period. If the limit is exceeded, the display alerts you with a blinking icon or text. You can also use the widget to jump to the corresponding wind report or forecast on the Windfinder website. If you want widgets for other platforms (FreeBSD, Solaris, native KDE or Gnome) send us an e-mail

Here you'll find widgets/gadgets with the same features for Windows Vista, Mac OS X and the Google Desktop Search which runs on Windows XP and Windows 2000. We also provide a widget with sligthly different features for the Yahoo Widget Engine (Konfabulator) which runs Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X.

System requirements

You need an internet connection + one of the following operating systems:


Windfinder Widget

Click on the widget for your operating system. If a page with cryptic text appears then right-click on widget and select "Save as.."


Widget Config Weatherstation on Mac

To enter the configuration menu in Mac OS you click on the i-icon on the bottom right and in Windows Vista move the mouse over the gadget and then click the wrench icon. Select the menu entry "Weather station", select the continent, country, region and then the preferred weather station. In the menu "Display" select a maximum of 3 parameters (out of wind speed, wind direction, wave height, wave direction, wave period, air temperature, precipitation, clouds, air pressure) which shall be displayed in the widget. It might occur that there are no observations or no forecasts for some parameters or that there is no data at all for some spots/weatherstations (e.g. wave height for inland spot). In the menu "Measuring units" you can set the units for the weather parameters (Beaufort, Knots, kph, m/s, m/h for wind speed, meter or feet for wave height, Celsius or Fahrenheit for air temperature). The widget allows you to set a threshold for wind speed, wave height, wave period, air temperature) in the "Alarm" menu, assuming that you have selected these weather parameters before in the "Display". When the limit is exceeded the corresponding value starts to blink in red color.

If the widget/gadget displays n/a or a dot (instead of a weather icon or value), this means that there is no data available for the corresponding date/time.

If the widget/gadget never displays observations then windfinder does not have access to a local weather station. If you know someone who has got a weather station near the surfspot then please contact us. . If someone else or you want(s) to install a weather station near this spot then please read our weather station howto . If you provide us the weather data from this weather station the data will be accessible through the widget and we offer you a free ad banner on

If your favorite surfspot does not appear at all in the weather station selection menu please send us an e-mail and let us know the name and location of your favorite surfspot. We will try to add it.


The widget/gadget displays the name of the selected surfspot on the very top. Below appears a table with the weather data: in the first row the local date, in the second row the local time. In the third, fourth and fifth row the selected weather parameters are displayed. In the first data column appears the latest observation from the weather station and in the following three visible columns the forecasts are displayed in time steps of 3 hours. By clicking on the forward arrow near the word forecast you and scroll forward up to 2 days into the future. By clicking on the backward arrow you can scroll backwards again. If you want to see the complete 7 day forecast then click on the area with the forecast values and you'll be directed to the corresponding forecast page on If you click on the area with the observations you'll be directed to the corresponding wind report (diagram) on with all observations for the current day.


At the moment the widget/gadget is available in German, english, French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese and Dutch. The widget/gadget automatically uses your operating system's language.