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Wind, waves & weather reports/forecasts on mobiles

What is it?

When you are on the road, on the beach or somewhere else away from your computer browse for wind, wave & weather reports/forecasts with your cellphone or PDA at . The mobile website is designed for handheld devices with small screens. Access is free and unrestricted.


All you need is a modern mobile phone, PDA, or handheld device with a colour display and an internet connection (Modem, GPRS, HSCSD, UMTS, etc.). Grab your handheld and go to


Check wind, waves & weather by typing in the name of the location your are looking for and select from the search results OR navigate to the desired location manually by selecting continent, country, region and finally the location. Each spot shows a forecast, real time observations (if available) and past reports (if available).

Once you have found your favorite spots you can bookmark them on your cellphone. Any time you want to view the real time observations or forecasts on your cellphone you can access them directly through the booksmarks. So you don't need to use the search form or manual navigation.